The best credit cards of 2024

If managed correctly, credit cards can be an effective financial tool for buying goods. This little plastic card provides convenience in any online and offline transactions and it is also beneficial in building an attractive credit history. However, credit cards also provide several free benefits that a number of consumers are not aware of. Depending on the issuing bank, a credit card can give unique rewards, balance transfers, cash backs and many others.

For frequent travelers, there are credit cards that are best for hotel and airline reservations. These cards will give points in day to day spending and the rewards can be redeemed in a particular airline or hotel. Among these credit cards are;

  • Gold Delta SkyMiles- This credit card from American Express provides 30,000 bonus miles whenever you spend $1,000 on the first three months. The more you purchase an airline ticket in Delta, the greater the bonuses you will receive.
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card- Having this credit card can let you earn 20,000 miles in $2,000 purchases on the first three months and 2 miles per dollar in every airline ticket purchases.
  • Blue Sky Card- This American Express credit card does not provide an annual fee and it also gives 1 point in every dollar spent. The good thing about this credit card is it provides 33% more than what other cards can give in every airline purchases.
  • United MileagePlus Explorer- This is the best airline credit card in America, with 2 miles in every $1 airline ticket purchase. The points can be redeemed for flight tickets, car rentals and hotel reservations.

Most credit cards provide cash back incentive or rebates. Every time you use your credit card for spending, a percentage of the expenses will be returned. This is a great way to save and purchase other items at a least amount. Among the best credit cards with best cash back incentives are;

  • Discover it Card- This credit card gives 5% rebates every quarter for rotating categories like food, gas, clothing, travel, etc and 1% rebate on everything else.
  • Chase Freedom-$100 Bonus Cash Back- This credit card is issued by JPMorgan Chase which lets you have 5% cash back every quarter for rotating categories and 1% cash back in any items. They also provide a $100 check when you spend $500 within the first three months of opening an account.
  • BankAmericard Cash Rewards- This credit card has no annual fee and provides $100 rebate bonus after making a qualifying purchase. They give 2% cash back in all grocery items, 3% cash back for gas purchases and 1% cash back in other purchases.
  • Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card-. Within three months of signing up, this credit card will provide a $100 bonus. It will also allow you to have a 5% cash back every quarter for rotating categories, 1% cash back in all other purchases and a maximum of 5% cash back for purchases in Citi's partner merchants.

Some individuals who are having a hard time paying their credit card debts can try a balance transfer to a 0% interest card so that they can easily get rid of this financial burden. Among the best credit cards for balance transfers are;

  • Discover it Card- 18 Month Balance Transfer- This credit card is time limited because you can only have 18 months to make a balance transfer. There is a zero interest with this offer but you have to pay a fee for the balance transfer, which is around 3%.
  • Discover Card- This credit card has 0% balance transfer within 14 months. A 3% fee will be charged for the balance transfer but it also provides 5% cash back for rotating items.
  • Citi Simplicity MasterCard- This credit card provides 0% interest on balance transfers but charges 3% for the transaction. Once the introductory period is done, the regular APR is 12.99% to 21.99%.
  • Citi Diamond Preferred Card- This credit card also offers zero percent APR in balance transfers within 18 months. After the introductory period, the regular APR will be 11.99% to 21.99%.

Every bank has its own pros and cons for their credit cards. In fact, the issuance of a credit card depends on the lifestyle of the individual; his/her purpose of transactions and his/her ability to pay the created transactions. If you want to have the best credit cards of 2024, it is always best to read a lot of reviews before making a decision.